Life as we know it could not function without electricity. There would be no way to turn on your lights, power your cell phone, computers, and other electrical devices, have a car to drive, a vacuum cleaner for the carpets, or a hair dryer in the morning. Anything you plug into an outlet needs electricity and would not exist without it.


It's always a good idea to learn how to read your electric meter. After all, this little box is what is responsible for calculating how much electricity you use in your home. It records it every day, which is then read by the meter reader as he or she walks around your neighborhood. However, there may be times where you may have to read your own meter and then forward the information on to your electric company.

Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association (RMEMA) provides coursework and training to those looking to get into the electric meter industry. Our meter school offers meter training for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Our meter classes are taught by seasoned pros who have decades of experience in the electrical industry. Our courses are hands-on and comprehensive, so when you complete your coursework, you are ready to begin as an electric meter reader. Below, we'll go over the steps of how to read an electric meter. Contact our meter school today to register!


Electricity is a wonderful thing. It powers the majority of what we use every day in some way and allows us to have the lifestyle that we lead. Still, electricity is a service, and the way the power company measures that service is through your electric meter.

Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association is an organization that offers meter classes to those who want to further their knowledge and careers in the electric utility metering profession. Our instructors have years of experience in this field and are passionate about teaching others about meter reading. Below, we'll go over five signs that you could have a faulty electric meter. Contact our meter school today!


In the modern developed world, practically everything runs on some form of electricity, from our homes to our phones to our trains, and even some of our cars. It’s a form of power that our society as a whole relies on, with varying ways to generate it efficiently. The job of an electrician is an incredibly important one, because when most of us flip a light switch, we expect the lights to turn on, and when they don’t turn on, we start to get worried because we rely on it so much. We need educated and dedicated folks that know how electrical systems work, and how to fix them.

But like many forms of power and resources that are distributed to populations in our world, the amount and way we use it is incredibly important to understand. For the mass production of electric energy to be effectively distributed to any sort of population, there needs to be some form of understanding of production and consumption. That’s where electric metering comes in. Keep reading to learn why electric metering is so important, and why the Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association is so proud...


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