5 Signs You Need a New Electric Meter

Electricity is a wonderful thing. It powers the majority of what we use every day in some way and allows us to have the lifestyle that we lead. Still, electricity is a service, and the way the power company measures that service is through your electric meter.

Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association is an organization that offers meter classes to those who want to further their knowledge and careers in the electric utility metering profession. Our instructors have years of experience in this field and are passionate about teaching others about meter reading. Below, we'll go over five signs that you could have a faulty electric meter. Contact our meter school today!



High Utility Bills

If you've noticed a sudden spike in your utility bill, chances are you may have a faulty electric meter. Many people take for granted that electric meters work all the time. However, like any piece of machinery, they can break as well. While electric meter readers do our best to ensure this doesn't happen by checking them every month, it can be hard to tell if one is broken. Thus, if suddenly you receive a bill that is astronomical (which tends to be the case when one breaks), you should call your electric company right away to have a certified electrical technician come for an inspection.

Digital Errors

Most new electric meters installed are digital, and many of the old electric meters are swapped out when they break and are replaced with these new ones. Digital electric meters are faster to read at a glance and the meter reader makes less errors because of it. Thus, a digital electric meter will say "Fault," "Error," or "Battery" when something is awry. Some electric meters have a warning light as well. If you notice this before your meter reader comes for the month, call your electric company to have it inspected. This will prevent an eye-popping electric bill from hitting your desk.

No Movement

An electric meter is in constant motion as it measures the amount of electricity your home or office is using. If you notice that nothing is moving on your electric meter for a period of time, it's best to call your electrical company for an inspection. A mechanical electric meter should have the wheels turning, and a digital electric meter should have a meter that "ticks." On that same note, if you believe the meter is running too quickly for the amount of electricity you are using, call your electric company as well.

No Electricity

If your power goes out and there is no electrical outage in your area, you could have a broken electric meter. Sometimes, heavy storms can cause the electric meter to break or pull away from your home. If the connection is broken from the meter to your home, it stops working and so does the power. In other cases, your electric meter could be pulled away from your home, but you still have power. In both scenarios, call your power company for an electrician to come out, inspect your electric meter, and perhaps replace it.

Your Electric Meter is Old

While electric meters can last for decades, especially the mechanical ones, old meters can become inaccurate over time. Electric meters are tested periodically by your electric company to see if they are in proper working order, but with so many customers, it can be hard to keep up with and track every individual electric meter. Meters can be missed. Thus, if you have an old electric meter (most of the time, you can tell. It's rusty and looks like it could fall over at any time), you may want to have an electric meter inspector come out and have a look.


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