Steps to Read Your Electric Meter

It's always a good idea to learn how to read your electric meter. After all, this little box is what is responsible for calculating how much electricity you use in your home. It records it every day, which is then read by the meter reader as he or she walks around your neighborhood. However, there may be times where you may have to read your own meter and then forward the information on to your electric company.

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Find Your Electric Meter

You should always know where your electric meter is, and it is advised to check it regularly so that you can ensure it is in good working order. Your electric meter is usually located on the outside of your home or office between the power line coming from the power pole and your inside electrical panel. With modern subdivisions being built, some electric lines are now underground, so you may not be able to see it. Still, they are big boxes with dials on them.

Take a Moment to Look at the Parts

While the face of your electric meter may look complicated, it's not. When you look, you'll see either four or six dials that turn as a central disk turns. As the electricity comes off the power lines, it turns the disk which is what counts the electricity as it enters your home. Thus, the disk will turn faster if you are using more electricity, or slower if you are not. Your electricity is measured in kilowatt hours, which is the electricity needed to burn ten 100-watt light bulbs for one hour just to give you some perspective. You can ignore the words and numbers printed. These are identity numbers.

Read the Dials

Each dial has 10 numbers, 0 through 9. You will read the dials from left to right, just like you would a book. It's helpful to have a piece of paper or use your cell phone to record the numbers. You read the number, write it down, and this is your electric meter reading. The direction of the arrows does not matter, as every other dial is counterclockwise. All you need are the numbers. Read the number exactly where it is pointing. If the arrow is between two numbers, always choose the lower number. Some companies, however, do round the number up. Rocky Mountain Electric Meter Association recommends that you ask when you are on the phone with them.

Calculate the Kilowatt Hours You Have Used

Most electric meters just keep going, and your electric meter company just uses your previous reading and then subtracts that number from your new reading to get today's reading. Oftentimes, you will just report the number to your electric company. However, if you need to find the kilowatt hours used, you simply look up your previous month's bill and subtract that way.

Smart Meters & Digital Meters

To read your digital meter, there are no dials you have to worry about. All of the work is done for you; all you have to do is record the number that is showing. Many new digital readers will transmit your reading directly to the electric company for you. Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association wants to remind you that you only read the big number. Your digital electric meter may have a few other numbers displayed as well. These numbers may be reference numbers or power status numbers. Ignore them when reading your meter.


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