RMEMA Board of Directors

Executive Board

Rudy Trujillo

President, Xcel Energy, Senior Meterman, 38 years

Bryan Ehrlich

Vice President, Utilismart Corporation, US West Director of Sales, 31 years

Mike Arias

Treasurer, Sitewise, General Manager, 21 Years

Kyle Keckler

Secretary, Xcel Energy, Senior Meterman, 19 years

Lester Oltjenbruns

Past President, Retired from San Miguel Power Association, Meter Supervisor, AMI, SCADA System Tech, 43 Years

Board Members

Adam Cash, Xcel Energy, Senior Meterman/Foreman, 10 Years
Troy Foust, Yampa Valley Electric Association, Meter + AMI Tech, 27 Years
Matt Sadar, City of Loveland Water and Power, Meter Dept. Superintendent 15 Years
Chad Stanley, Fort Collins Utilities, Electric Meter System Supervisor, 22 years”

Planning Committee Members

Jamin Aragon, Xcel Energy

Jeff Barlow, Honeywell

Casey Briscoe, Southeast Colorado Power Association

John Cleveland, Radian Research

Will Elliot, Aclara

Jason Fields, Garland Power

Trent Hebrlee, Hotline Electrical Sales and Service

Dan Hollow, Tesco

Bryan Hontz, City of Loveland

Jim Houlihan, Lewis Associates

Nathan Irvin, Border States

Michael Randall, Colorado State University

Colton Taylor, Xcel Energy