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Solid State Instruments manufactures KYZ Pulse Metering Devices, Equipment and accessories including pulse isolation relays, pulse totalizers, wireless and optical fiber pulse links, Wifi and Zigbee pulse interfaces for electric, gas and water metering, as well as a wide variety of devices and systems for Customer Demand Control and Monitoring using our PulseConnex and EnergyAccessConnex online systems.

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Smart Utilities building the Smart Grid are now more important than ever.

Trynzic offers a ‘system of systems’ that makes the smart grid attainable. We process high-volume data, in real-time, then intelligently coordinate the resulting business processes of a smart utility.

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Turn your meter data into actionable decisions. Utilismart's software solutions empower small- and mid-sized utilities to learn from yesterday's problems, solve for today's, and prepare for tomorrow's.