The Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association is pleased to offer a number of Additional Programs to our Meter School.


Getting Started in Metering

A one-day course designed specifically for office, clerical, and customer service personnel. This course provides information and answers to those “metering” questions asked by customers. Participants will gain a good foundational background for the “cash register” of the electric industry as well as some basic history and future projects of where this device fits in the industry.

Topics include:

• Metering – Then and Now

• Terminology, Safety, and Related Equipment

• Most Commonly Asked Questions


Special Interest Session

An all-new approach and format in 2022!  All meter school participants will take a break from their main track programming to attend sessions on current, hot topics affecting our industry today.  These are designed to be discussions on what is cutting edge; interactive exchanges of ideas, and problem solving relevant to the challenges we face on a day to day basis.

Taking place on Wednesday March 16, 2022, three unique topics and presentations will be offered and each participant will select and rotate through two (2) of their choice.


RMEMA Proficiency Exam
  • Exam will be offered only once per year at the conclusion of Meter School, currently held in March.
  • Student MUST be pre-registered and paid to take exam prior to exam date. Students may register for exam once on-site as long as its prior to exam date.  Any student not on the official exam registration list will be unable to participate in the exam review or the exam process.
  • Exam questions will be in multiple choice format
  • Annually the exam will change. Once created, 2-3 designated board members will review the exam test for accuracy and ensure questions are covered in meter school material.
  • No phones will be permitted to be out during the exam. Calculators will be available for students to use and return during the exam period.
  • Every attempt will be made to grade exams immediately following the exam turn in. In the event that exam administrator is unable to grade each exam on-site, RMEMA announce results no later than three (3) business days following the exam date.
  • Student will receive a Pass or Not Passed result. No individual percentages or other score-related information will be provided to the student or the student’s employer.
  • In accordance with the collected delivery address provided to RMEMA, results and Passing certification will be sent via USPS.
  • RMEMA Management will maintain a list of students who have tested along with a recorded Pass or Not Passed. (effective March 2015)
  • Hard copies of individual student exams will be kept on file by RMEMA Management for one year following the exam date.