87% of our Meter School Students would return to the school for another course and would recommend our school to others!

Hear what our Meter School students had to say…

“Great Class! The instructor really knew what he was talking about and made it fun and energetic.”

-Student from Advanced Metering

“Very informative class! Instructor was able to easily answer all questions.”

-Student from Net Metering

“Instructor explained definitions really well and used multiple examples to support information”

-Student from Basic Meter Related Definitions and Mathematics

“I have a much better understanding of what all the forms mean now.”

-Student from Introduction to Socket Connection and Verification

“Safety before anything. THINK Safety First. Great passion”

-Student from Introduction to Socket Connection and Verification

“Engaged in a lot of problem-solving, very informative and presented in a way that is easy to understand.”

-Student from Basic Principals of Electricity

“Good job! Great class! Really enjoyed the way they mixed up the problems. It really made you think!”

-Student from Hands-On Troubleshooting

“Very good class! Instructor was able to break subject matter down to simple ways which made it easier to understand. Explanation of each form and the wiring diagram helped a lot to see how the meter truly works.”

“As a new lineman, visual and physical examples were very helpful and the instructor

did well relating to the importance of Site verification”

-Students from Meter Forms and Applications

“Instructor had great passion. Very easy to understand…keep him coming back! Very helpful in answering questions to gain the knowledge we each need.”

-Student from Load Profile Metering

“This year of classes really helped fill in the gaps after having about 14 months of experience as a meter tech. Very knowledgeable instructor and very enthusiastic for the industry.”

-Student from Three Phase Electrical Theory and Testing

“I enjoyed the examples of metering problems. Very knowledgeable and brought real-world examples that greatly helped with understanding how it affects several departments.”

“Kept me engaged. Very good information on how to find trouble installations on my system at home.”

“Interesting to see the testing in the field as I have only tested in the office so this gives me ideas of other things besides the meter to look for.”

“This class makes you evaluate your metering installations to find out how many errors and problems there are out there”

“Was great to get step-by-step information on what problems to test for and see how small problems cause huge billing issues”

-Students from Field Certification of Revenue Metering Sites

“This is helpful to determine what type of AMI system we will look for in the future. Very knowledgeable on key industry trends and well educated in the field. This guy knows his stuff!”

-Student from Integrated Communications

“Exceptional job in conveying a difficult presentation of the week.”

“Great job making a challenging topic understandable..examples were great and this was the most informative class of the week. Loved it!”

-Students from KVA Metering and Reactive Metering

“I learned something I have tried to learn for years now in just a few short slides.

Thank you! Now I know how to size CT’s.”

“Passionate and engaging instructor with great real-world examples mixed in.”

-Students from Instrument Transformer Basics